AAR has worked in wildlife rescue for the past 10 years having started in a small way in the back garden.  We have grown a lot and now are able to offer help for all species of British wildlife ranging from tiny bats to badgers and deer.

We exist for the rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of wildlife and our mission is to nurse casualties back to health and return them to the wild where they belong.

The founder, Dee White, has a lifetime of experience caring for and nursing animals and is supported by her son Ali who has a degree in Animal Behaviour and Management from Hartpury College.

We are associated with the Vale Wildlife Hospital in Gloucestershire and the RSPCA and work closely with most of the veterinary practices in the county.

We are happy to respond to rescue and emergency situation but are more than grateful if casualties can be brought to the centre which is situated in the north of Herefordshire. However we keep a low profile to give patients an undisturbed environment so do not have a visitors policy.

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